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Authentic travel accessible to all




Choose your adventure without worries. With a few clicks, you can buy the whole package - accommodation, flights, car and experiences. Thanks to Worldee and the knowledge of our Travel Buddies, the prices of the trips we offer are cheaper than those of travel agencies. Our trip itineraries will take you to undiscovered authentic places.


Get your laundry delivered to your doorstep!




UpOnDry is an on-demand online laundry pickup & drop-off service that picks up your dirty laundry and delivers clean and fresh clothes the very SAME DAY! We pick up and deliver according to your convenience, so you can choose when the clothes should be picked up and delivered on the tap of your finger.


Highest Rated Cleaning Services




A hassle-free and instant solution to keeping your home tidy. Download the Whitespot app, book your home services within minutes and sit back and relax. Our cleaning experts will make sure your home is spotless, and our professional service providers will take care of all of your home services.


Online Fashion Shopping




Meet Showpo's must-have app, your go-to place for the latest looks and trends of the season. Shop hundreds of styles dropping weekly and track your new look right to your door. With everything you love about Showpo at your (literal) fingertips, our app is your daily dose of retail therapy.

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This mobile app development agency is all in. We provide app design and app development services for every stage of your mobile project.

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